5 Skin Care Tips

Good skin not only helps you look great, but will give you the confidence to approach everyday to the fullest.  Here are our 5 skin care tips.


Moisturise every day to fight against dry skin.  Apply your moisturiser as soon as you’ve finished showering.  This will help your skin keep the moisture it just absorbed.

Moisturising can help keep your skin looking young.

nivea skin cream moisturiser

Sun cream & lotion

Use a good quality sunscreen to stop any stretch marks or scars becoming darker and more viable.

A tanning moisturiser can help give you that natural glow you desire.

Salads & Greens

Be sure to include healthy foods like spinach, and other green salad items into your diet.  These contain natural antioxidants which could help give you radiant skin.

Clean your phone screen

As we go about our daily lives we’re touching plenty of less than clean surfaces.  We’re also all constantly playing on our phones. Be sure to regularly clean your phone.  Otherwise, the next time you make a phone call you’ll be rubbing those germs along your cheeks.

Sleep more

Be sure to get enough sleep.  It’s something most of us wish we did every morning.  Get into a good routine now.  A lack of sleep can contribute to poor skin, dark circles or bags around your eyes as well as giving you less energy to get on with your day.

A good nights sleep can help improve your mental ability as well as physical well being.  After a good night’s sleep you’ll both feel and look younger.

What next?

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