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Here at Guess My Age we’re trying to eat healthier.  Here are the top tips we found that worked for us.

Sugar in drinks

Whilst fizzy, soda, drinks can make a nice treat now and again, the amount of sugar in them in unbelievable!  Cut out, or at least cut down on soft drinks to reduce your sugar intake.

Remember, although fruit juices may be perceived as healthy – they also contain a large amount of sugar.  You’d be better to eat your fruits than drink them.  This way you will benefit from the fibre that they contain!

At Guess My Age we cut out sugar from cups of tea.  It was a simple change but has helped reduce the consumption of unnecessary, additional sugar.

Cut down on alcohol too.  Not only does it affect the quality of sleep…it’s packed full of sugars and calories.

Change from snacks to nuts

It’s easy to pick up a bag of crisps/chips when hunger kicks in.  Swap them for a small portion of nuts.  Even though they are high in fat, they are a natural source of vitamin E, fiber, magnesium and more!

Eat properly

Eating processed food is convenient.  However, cooking for yourself can be rewarding, tastier and benefit your health.  We have some great crock pot and chilli recipe recommendations.

Not sure where to start in the kitchen?  Get a good beginner’s cook book or look on YouTube.  There are plenty of great, entertaining food channels.

Sleep well

It’s amazing what a good nights sleep can do.  We’ve said it before, sleep will help you feel and look younger.   Sleep is great for your skin too.

Exercise more

Walk a little more, join a gym, start running or a new sport.  Whatever works for you.  Get into a good routine, but don’t aim too high.  Start with regular exercise to both benefit your health, help with weight loss and improve personal well being.

Start with manageable goals – you’re not going to want to go to the gym everyday for 5 hours!

What did you do?

What tips do you have?  Do you want to loose weight or just improve your overall health?  Let us know in the comments below what worked for you.

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