Microsoft’s How Old net

From time to time we all wonder “How old do I look?”. Unlike Microsoft’s How Old net website, Guess My Age doesn’t use artificial intelligence or age guessing robots. We let real people guess your age.

Artificial intelligence and robots are great for many things. They can help with many day-to-day tasks that we don’t like doing. However, if you’re curious how old do you look, then you probably want an honest idea from real people. Artificial intelligence might think that new haircut makes your look a little older. It may even think that amazing filter makes you look younger....but does it really matter?

If you’re prepared to risk the Guess My Age challenge then upload a photo today. We won’t automatically detect your age from the photo, but we do have some premium, paid features for those wanting to boost their photo and their age guessed quicker.

By uploading your photo to Guess My Age you let real people guess your age. Our fun how old am I quiz will give you the real answer to the question - Can we guess your age? Reddit’s Guess My Age section may be popular, but only we have been letting people guess your real age since 2005. That’s 12 years of photo age guessing experience.

No downloads required. We don’t have a how old do I look app. Everything is available on website. Our website will automatically calculate how old you look from guesses made on your photo. It’s simple to play Guess My Age on desktop, mobile or your tablet. It’s free to play and free to upload your photo.