Reduce waist size by 5 cm in 1 minute, claim Korean celebrities

When we read about a new 1 minute Korean celebrity work out, that was shown on Korean TV to actually reduce your waist by 5 cm (about 2 inches) we were suspicious.

This isn’t a Korean diet but a 1 minute Korean exercise that won’t help you lose weight…but might help your hide a bit.  Could it possibly work?

The steps are easy enough – but do be careful.

Stand up. Put your feet and knees together.

exercise one

For 10 seconds put your hands above your head and stretch as high as possible.


Lean far left for 10 seconds.


Lean far right for 10 seconds.


Cross your fingers and out your hands on your head. Twist to the left for 10 seconds. Now to the right for 10 seconds.

five six

Put your hands up and stretch backwards for 10 seconds.


Next check out your results!  From the video there was a 5 cm reduction.


You can watch the video (Korean) for more information.  Give it ago and let us know if it works for you too in the comments.

If you’re Korean you can now play Guess My Age in Korean (한국어).

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