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This is the Guess My Age fashion and beauty blog, with health articles to help improve your lifestyle. We’ll post interesting fashion ideas, help and articles for men and women. We will write beauty articles from the best makeup to beauty tips. We will let you know the latest nutrition and health news.

Top Men’s Fragrances

With Easter coming up treat yourself, boyfriend or husband to one of these top men’s fragrances.

Top ways to loose belly fat

Loosing belly fat will not only help you fit into your jeans better but improve your overall health.  Here are our top tips to loosing belly fat.

Health and Nutrition Tips

Here at Guess My Age we’re trying to eat healthier.  Here are the top tips we found that worked for us.

5 Skin Care Tips

Good skin not only helps you look great, but will give you the confidence to approach everyday to the fullest.  Here are our 5 skin care tips.

How to look younger

From a change of diet, anti wrinkle creams to expensive surgery there are plenty of ways to try and look younger.  Here are some of our tips to looking younger and having a healthier life.