About Guess My Age - How Old Game

How old are you?

Since 2005 Guess My Age has let you upload your photo and find out how old you look. Our simple and addictive Guess My Age challenge will quiz even the best age guesser!

Can we guess your age?

Guess My Age has over 45,000 registered members and every day we have thousands of visitors who try their best to guess how old you look. Wondering “can you guess my age?”, then yes we can! No robots or artificial intelligence just real human age guessers.

How old do I look app

We’ve been asked about a Guess My Age App, but our website is already mobile and tablet friendly. There’s no need to download an app, just open Guess My Age on your mobile to start.

Guess her age, Guess his age challenge

Play Guess My Age and guess everyone’s age. Would you rather play Guess Her Age or Guess His Age? We’re going to add these two separate games soon!

Guess their age

Want to give Guess My Age a go? Play our guess my age game today. See a photo and try guess their age now.

Guess My Age’s History

Guess My Age was set up in 2005 by teenage entrepreneur Thomas Etherington. What seemed like a random idea, turned into a side hobby to learn how to program. Since then the website has been fully updated, redesigned and premium features added. Initially it was popular with only his friends, but quickly expanded worldwide. Since Guess My Age started millions of people have played our age guessing game.