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This page has the answers to common questions. If a question is not answered please ask on the Guess My Age Facebook page or email us.

Premium Feature Questions

Go pro Vs One time pro

Go Pro is a monthly subscription that allows your to upload unlimited photos and get more guesses than free members. One time pro allows you to purchase a one time, set amount of guesses for an uploaded photo.

Warning when buying premium features explained.

You may have had a warning that one of your photos has not been checked by Guess My Age. This is because one (or more) of your photos is live on Guess My Age, but as a 'trusted member'. This means that we have not checked your photo and trust that it is suitable. We will still check it, but at a later date. If you upload and promote an unsuitable photo we will remove the photo and refund that photos promotion. If you have promoted multiple photos we will refund the cost associated against the inappropraite photo. You can check the status of your photographs from the Member's area. Look under the photo.

Member's Area Questions

How many photos can I upload?

New free members can upload 4 photos for free. Existing free members (before 3rd Jan 2016) with more than 4 photos cannot upload any new photos without going pro. All exisiting approved photos remain active. If you delete a photo, you cannot upload a replacement without going pro. We recommend all members Go Pro to upload unlimited photos and get more guesses than free members.

How long does it take to approve my photo?

You will receive an email once your photo has been approved. We cannot check the approval status of your photo. Usually photos are approved within 1 week.

Why was my photo denied?

All photos must comply with our photo guidelines (opens in new window). Most commonly photos are of too low a quality (blurred, too small, bad contrast, obscured or small face, etc). We cannot comment on the reason behind denying individual photos, even if you feel your photo is suitable.

How can I change my password?

Please sign in to your account and fill in the change your password form.

I have forgotten my password, how can I get a new one?

Please fill in our forgot my password form.

When I sign in, my account doesn't stay logged in. What should I do?

Please make sure Cookies are enabled within your browser's settings. For further help please contact us directly.

How can I remove a photo?

You can edit or delete a photo from your Member's Area.

Other Questions & Information

What cookies do you use and how?

Guess My Age uses cookies to store sign in information and at times to reduce the chances of you being shown the same photo within quick succession. Other cookies might be set by our website analytics software, including remarketing and display advertising - Google Analytics and Google Adsense.

Find out more about opting out of cookies.

Using Guess My Age requires cookies to be set and used. If you do not wish to have cookies set leave our website and please delete cookies from your browser.

Guess My Age is fantastic. Can I make a dontation?

Why not buy one of our premium features? These help support the running costs of Guess My Age and give you a bit more fun.