Our Ultimate Chili Recipes

Everyone knows the secret is to just add a cube of dark chocolate right?  We scoured the internet to find you our ultimate chilli con carne recipes.

The Metro’s Ultimate Chilli Con Carne

The Metro's Ultimate Chilli Con Carne

Learn about the history of the dish and try this recipe at the metro website.

jamie oliver chilli con carne

We can’t leave Jamie Oliver out of our list.  His secret ingredient is coffee.  Whilst it can be cooked above a camp fire, we think it’ll work just as well in your crock pot.

Crockpot Carne Asada Beer Chili

chilli con carne

Serve with fresh avocado and seasoned potato wedges.  Try this recipe here.

Mini Chicken Chilli Cups

chilli chicken cups

Try these chicken chilli cups at your next party.

What’s your secret chilli con carne tip?  Spill the beans now in the comments below.

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