Guess My Age Vs How Old (Microsoft)

Guess My Age is the original online way to find out how old you look.  Over the years other websites have tried, but mostly come and gone.  Last year Microsoft launched an age guessing robot – How Old.  It’s results are instant…but how accurate are they?

We decided to test it out!  Using some real photos from Guess My Age we decided to see which is more accurate – Man or machine?  First though, try our Guess My Age quiz, how old do they look?

Guess My Age Vs How Old

Are you better than Microsoft's How Old? Play our Guess My Age Quiz to find out.

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1. Real age: 25 / Guess My Age average: 23

Winner: Guess My Age (-2 years), How old (-5 years)

Guess My Age - one Microsoft How Old - One

2. Real age: 27 / Guess My Age average: 27

Winner: Guess My Age and How old

Guess My Age - two  How old - two

3. Real age: 26 / Guess My Age average: 35

Winner: Guess My Age (+9 years), How old (+10 years)

Guess My Age three How old three

4. Real age: 60 / Guess My Age average: 50

Winner: Guess My Age (-10 years), How old (-16 years)

guess my age four how old four

5. Real age: 74 / Guess My Age average: 73

Winner: Guess My Age (-1 years), How old (-8 years)

Guess My Age Five How Old five

6. Real age: 24 / Guess My Age average: 36

Winner: How old (-3 years), Guess My Age (+12 years)

guess my age six how old six


From the six photos we checked man was better than machine.  Whilst the algorithm of Microsoft’s How Old is certainly impressive, quick to deliver results and fun…ultimately, right or wrong, we want to know the view of real humans when deciding how old we look.

On Average

We checked every photos with over 100 guesses and we found the average difference between actual age and the Guess My Age average age was just 0.729 years.  To everyone who has guessed ages – Good job!

How we chose the photos

We only chose photos that had over 100 guesses on Guess My Age.  We searched through our admin panel for photos that were accurately guessed…badly guessed and some in-between.

Let us know how accurate guesses are on your photo in the comments below!

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