Top Instagram Travel Photographers & Bloggers

At Guess My Age we love to travel….and when we’re not travelling we love to get inspiration for our next trip.  We truly think travelling helps keep you young!  Here are some of our favourite Instagram travel photo and blogger accounts.

Chris Burkard

We’re not sure we’d like to meet this grizzly beast whilst out and about if it was hungry.  Chris has a fantastic selection of landscapes that would make you want to live a nomadic life under the stars.

Daniel Kordan

Daniel is another fantastic landscape photographer.  Well worth following!

World Wanderlust

A mix of cities, landscapes, food, drink and more.  Sure to give you the travel bug.

Be my travel muse

Whilst her Instagram name might be seeking a travel muse, she could be yours.

Everything Everywhere

Having travelled to over 120 countries and all 7 continents, there has to be some inspiration for your next adventure somewhere.

Some lesser known Instagrammers

Maybe you’ve already heard about the Instagram accounts we’ve already mentioned?  Then don’t worry…here are two of Guess My Age’s friends Instagram accounts with truly great photos.

Travelling with Tea

Named after a British need to travel with tea, Stacy’s travelling adventures are worth following.

Jade House (Journey Count)

Currently in Vietnam, Jade has some lovely photos on her Instagram and great articles on her website.

Do you have a favourite travel Instagram account?  Let us know in the comments below.

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