Photo Guidelines - Recommended Standard for uploaded photos

To help keep the guessing experience at Guess My Age both fun, user friendly and safe we check every photo that gets uploaded before we allow it to go live on the site. Nearly every photo we have uploaded will go live on the site, but there are a few that don't.


Our requirements are:

  • 400px by 400px minimum size - Please use large clear photos.
  • No pornographic/nude photos - Even if the photo is just slightly provocative it could be denied! (That means tops off Gentlemen, bikinis Ladies!)
  • Only you in the photo, or make it obvious which one you are for guessers. Do not upload photos with children in the background!
  • Reasonable quality - no tiny thumbnail style photos. When you've uploaded your photo you'll be given a preview - if it's blurred or not very good quality chances are it will be denied.
  • No special effects - such as using photoshop to 'enhance' your photo.
  • Easy to see you - Your photo has got to make it easy to guess your age. Therefore, photos where your face is small may not be allowed. Try cropping your photo to make sure you get a good picture of your face.
  • No camera flash - If the photo has your camera flash in it, such as from a mirror it will not be allowed
  • No obscuring the photo - No obscuring the photo, or your face with a camera/phone/etc.
  • Lack of cropping/Additional white space - Please don't upload photographs directly from scanned copies which have additional, non photographic space (e.g. a black background/novelty border/white space/etc).
  • Other - There may well be other reasons that your photo has been denied and it is not on this list. We cannot comment on an individual photo basis. Please try uploading a new photo.

If you're still not sure what to upload, guess on some photos and see what ones have been approved!