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Thomas set Guess My Age up in 2005 and now writes about everything from his travels to must try recipes he's found online. From England and currently living in Korea, you can follow him on instagram @daegutom

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Our Ultimate Chili Recipes

Everyone knows the secret is to just add a cube of dark chocolate right?  We scoured the internet to find you our ultimate chilli con carne recipes.

How to look younger

From a change of diet, anti wrinkle creams to expensive surgery there are plenty of ways to try and look younger.  Here are some of our tips to looking younger and having a healthier life.

Anti Wrinkle Creams

We all hope to look younger and improve the appearance of our skin and anti wrinkle creams could be one way to do this.  The question is, do they work?

Weekend in Hong Kong and Macau

Travelling to Hong Kong and Macau can make a great weekend break from Asia, super layover or an interesting trip by itself.